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The American Marketing Association (AMA) is proud to congratulate the company “KO ZONE” for being awarded the prestigious “Social Media Campaign of the Year” at the 2023 AMA Marketing Awards. 

Their social media strategy has excelled for its outstanding presence on social networks, its significant impact on the sports community, and its ability to create innovative and creative digital content. 

Some highlights of the campaign include: 

  • A solid and effective social media strategy that achieved high audience engagement and increased visibility for “KO ZONE.” 
  • The creation of innovative digital content that captivated and excited the sports community, creating ongoing dialogue and a strong sense of belonging. 
  • Creative use of social platforms to promote sports events, promotions, and interactive activities that engaged followers. 
  • The creation of an authentic online presence that resonated with the audience and fostered a strong community of loyal followers. 

“KO ZONE’s” campaign has stood out among talented competition and has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in digital marketing and social media. Their ability to inspire and mobilize the sports community is a testament to their ability to excel in the industry. 

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